Xtract-All® Spine

Press Release September 15, 2018 – Shukla Medical Launches the Upgraded Xtract-All® Spine System at NASS in Los Angeles, CA

Xtract-All® Spine Upgrade Comparison See how the new S9SPINE stacks up against MKS1031

Learn about the X-Ray Search Engine™ Implant Compatibility Database here, or contact your rep to gain access today.

The Xtract-All® Spine Universal Spinal Implant Removal System from Shukla Medical is the most comprehensive spinal implant removal system on the market.

  • 130+ drivers for implant removal across dedicated cervical & thoracolumbar systems
  • Compatible with more than 40 proprietary implant configurations in addition to standard configurations (hex, torx, cruciform, etc.)
  • Robust instrumentation case gives surgeons compromised solutions for the most challenging spinal revisions
  • Innovative Helicopter Sockets allow total screw construct removal

Xtract-All® Spine v1 (MKS1031)

Shukla Medical has taken steps to further improve our innovative and widely successful Xtract-All® Spine system. View the system in high-quality or watch the video below to see how the Xtract-All Spine system can shorten your time in the O.R.

  • Cutting-Edge Instrumentation for Efficient Removal
  • Broad Range of Extractors for Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar
  • Designed to Remove over 25 Different Manufacturers’ Hardware