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Rahul Shukla
Tel & Fax: 727-626-2801
Email: Rahul@ShuklaMedical.com
Subra Naglapura
V.P. of Engineering & Operations
Tel & Fax: 727-626-2802
Email: Subra@ShuklaMedical.com
Akash Shukla
Customer Relations Officer
Tel & Fax: 727-626-2804
Email: Akash@ShuklaMedical.com
Sid Desai 
Supply Chain Product/Project Planner 
Tel & Fax: 727-626-2793
Email: Sid@ShuklaMedical.com
Max Rim 
Customer Service Manager
Tel & Fax: 727-626-2777
Email: Max@ShuklaMedical.com
Dawn Trubow 
Sales Operations Specialist 
Tel & Fax: 727-626-2776
Email: Dawn@ShuklaMedical.com
Rashmie Ramkissoon 
Customer Service Associate
Tel & Fax: 727-626-2779
Email: Rashmie@ShuklaMedical.com
Gary Haenel Rental Assistant
Angie Ross Stockroom Associate 
Zachary SweitzerProduct Development Manager
Brian Servedio Mechanical Engineer 
Adam Gosik Wolfe  Mechanical Engineer 
Santosh-Rohit Yerrabolu  Mechanical Engineer 
Nicholas Keach  Mechanical Engineer 
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