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Press Release September 15, 2018 – Shukla Medical Launches the Upgraded Xtract-All® Spine System at NASS in Los Angeles, CA

Xtract-All® Spine Upgrade Comparison See how the new S9SPINE stacks up against MKS1031

S9SPINE Universal Spinal Implant Removal System from Shukla Medical is the most comprehensive spinal implant removal system on the market.

  • 130+ drivers for implant removal across dedicated cervical & thoracolumbar systems
  • Compatible with more than 40 proprietary implant configurations in addition to standard configurations (hex, torx, cruciform, etc.)
  • Robust instrumentation case gives surgeons compromised solutions for the most challenging spinal revisions
  • Innovative Helicopter Sockets allow total screw construct removal

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