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The SHUKLA Universal Trephine system is designed for the coring over of IM Nails to break up the bone-implant interface. While primarily engineered for IM Nail revision surgeries, the trephines are also capable of coring over pins and screws as needed. The trephines can be used either by hand or under power.

  • A universal spectrum of trephine sizes for IM Nails, screws, and pins ranging from 6mm all the way to 26mm, each with 8 inches of cutting length.
  • Each size of trephine comes with four trephines each, resulting in a total of 88 trephines.
  • If a trephine becomes stuck, the Strike Plate Frame Adapter allows the Shukla Medical Strike Plate Frame to be connected to the end of any size of Trephine.
  • Trephine Extension allows trephines better access through soft tissue when the situation requires it.

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