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The SHUKLA Broken Nail system is a universally compatible extraction system for broken cannulated intramedullary nails.

The comprehensive system contains a wide range of Spear Tip, Bal Tip, and Round Tip wires of varying lengths, giving surgeons full control over the attachment method. All wires work with a quick-connect T-Handle for maximum efficiency.

This system is intended for use in conjunction with other intramedullary nail solutions from Shukla Medical. For the complete IM Nail extraction solution, use the SHUKLA Broken Nail in conjunction with the SHUKLA Nail (S9NAIL) and SHUKLA Lag Screw (S9LAG) systems.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to remove a wide range of distally broken IM Nails, regardless of make or model.
  • Three different types of wires for extracting broken IM Nails: Spear Tip, Ball Tip, and Round Tip.
  • Universal variety of wires for extraction - Twelve types each of Ball Tip and Round Tip wires (Four different diameters each with three different lengths), and four types of Spear Tip wires with varying diameters.
  • Quick-Connect Extractor T-Handle attaches to the wire holders and allows for the broken IM nail tip to be removed.
  • Compatible with the Strike Plate Frame from the SHUKLA Nail (S9NAIL) IM Nail Extraction System when additional extraction force is needed.
  • Wire Holders couple the Ball Tip wires to the preferred extraction method, either the Quick-Connect Extractor T-Handle or the Strike Plate Frame (not included in S9NAIL-BR).

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Surgical Technique Guide: SHUKLA Broken Nail (S9NAIL-BR)
Shukla Medical Limited Warranty
Cleaning and Sterilization: Instructions

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