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The SHUKLA Shoulder Blade (Universal Flexible Osteotome System) is designed for use in any orthopedic shoulder revision surgery to loosen the interface between the implant and the bone or bone cement. The system includes blades for shoulder specific applications as well as numerous tip and blade configurations that all flex to conform to the implant geometry. This system is designed to prepare shoulder implants for removal as well as to ensure minimal bone loss.

  • Osteotome handle is push-to-connect on both ends. In the front for the blades themselves and in the back for attachments.
  • Fin Blades designed to break up bone interface around shoulder stem fins.
  • 26 blades in 13 different configurations - rounded tip blades, flat tip blades, curved blades, straight blades. We offer more lengths, more widths, and more types than anything available on the market.
  • Strike Plate attachment allows blades to be tapped into the bone or tapped out if stuck in bone.
  • Single use blades guarantee the sharpest osteotome blade every time.
  • Strike Plate attachments can be set in eight different configurations allowing it to be positioned at any angle that is appropriate for a given case.

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