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Shukla Medical • Universal Orthopedic Extraction Technologies

Shukla Medical is an orthopedic instrument manufacturer dedicated to pioneering truly universal orthopedic implant removal solutions from head to toe. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, we offer comprehensive orthopedic revision tools, including the Xtract-All® Mini for craniomaxillofacial screw removals and the Xtract-All® Screw system for broken & stripped screw removal.

Learn about the X-Ray Search Engine™ Implant Compatibility Database here, or contact your rep to gain access today.

Press Release: Product Launch (2018/9/15)
The new S9SPINE system is the most comprehensive spinal implant removal system on the market.

Learn more about Xtract-All® Spine

Announced at OTA (2018/10/20)
The first and most comprehensive IM nail extraction system on the market. Now in its 4th generation.

Learn more about Xtract-All® Nail

Announced at OTA (2018/10/20)
The Xtract-All® Maxi system has also been upgraded to include 10 new drivers, bringing the system total to 36 drivers for large bone screw extraction.

Learn more about Xtract-All® Maxi

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