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The SHUKLA Broken & Stripped Screw system is a universal screw removal system designed to remove all broken, stripped, and seized bone screws with minimal bone loss to the patient. This set is perfect for all spinal and orthopedic surgical procedures.

  • Ratcheting push-to-connect T-Handle with an ergonomic design grants easier and simpler screw removal with less fatigue.
  • Breaker Bar for when you need extra torque to break loose a stubborn screw
  • Reverse Carbide Drill bits allow for the creation of a well when one isn’t readily available. The carbide tips make short work of all commonly used orthopaedic metals.
  • Reverse extractor threads quickly engage with the broken or stripped screw to remove it with ease.
  • Universal compatibility - six sizes of Stripped Extractors, six sizes of Broken Extractors, and six sizes of Drill Bits ensure that no screw can escape the grasp of Shukla.
  • Minimize bone loss - less cost to the O.R., less risk to the patient. Our extractors remove the screw with an amazingly low amount of bone loss.

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