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Winquist III Xtract-All® Nail

Our extensive research and development efforts have allowed us to improve upon the “Original” Winquist® System. The Winquist III™, not only encapsulates the features and benefits of the “Original” Winquist® System, but the newly designed components make the Winquist III™ fully equipped to handle virtually all recently introduced intramedulary nail systems, including: Cannulated Nails (threaded and non threaded, Solid Nails, and Broken Nails (up to mid shaft).
The Winquist III™ System’s new single use extractor tips and screwdriver adaptors enable it to accommodate the latest I.M. nails currently used by the most popular companies, including: Biomet®, Encore True/Flex® and True/Fix®, Stryker® Howmedica® Osteonics® T-2™, Synthes®, Acumed®, Zimmer® M/DN®, Smith + Nephew® Trigen®, and Depuy ACE®.

For easier handling the Winquist III™ System is offered in two (2) durable anodized aluminum sterilization cases, each weighing less than 16 pounds. Included within the system are a 5 lb. Mallet with positive grip, a stainless steel Bone Chisel, two forged stainless steel Double Open-Ended Wrenches, a stainless steel Extraction Tool Frame, a Ratcheting Screwdriver Handle, and a Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver. Extensive research has resulted in this patented Xtract-All™ ratcheting screwdriver handle which features the right surface texture and shape to provide the strongest and most comfortable grip possible. Also included in the system are shafts to address TORX®, Reverse Captive Twist®, Hex, Cruciform, Pozidrive, and Straight, 4 Socket Adaptors, and 51 “single-use” Nail Extractor Tips to provide optimal performance every time. For easier selection and identification purposes, the Nail Extractor Tips are coded and marked on both the case and on the shaft. The Reverse Captive Twist™ design, an exclusive element of the Winquist III™, features a unique, slightly twisted design on each flute which tightly grips screws. This is especially vital when surgeons are removing difficult or damaged screws.

The underside of the lid for Case 1 includes a quick reference guide on how to use the Winquist III™ Universal Extraction System. The underside of the lid for Case 2 includes a guide to facilitate your ability to cross-reference the appropriate extractors and shafts/adaptors to be used. For more detailed information, a 5 minute instructional CD video is also included.

The Winquist III™ Universal IM Nail Extraction System encompasses virtually all the instruments necessary to eliminate costly time delays in the O.R. during IM nail removal procedures.

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