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Xtract-All® Maxi – Additional Information

The Maxi Ratcheting Screwdriver Set™ consists of 16 of the most frequently used bone-screw tip configurations on solid driver shafts. Additionally, a New and Complete set of corresponding tip configurations are also included on Flexible Shafts to increase the surgeons ability to access difficult areas .

Solid/Flexible shafts along with the patented Xtract-All™ Ratcheting Screwdriver Handle are encased in a newly designed vertical case, allowing ease of use, identification of shafts, and clearly defined product numbering & description.

The Ratcheting Screwdriver Handle features the right surface texture and shape to provide the strongest and most comfortable grip, and functions in 3 modes: clockwise, counterclockwise, and locked position. It also features a 1/4″ square drive which allows for quick interchangeability of drive shafts.

The complete collection of both interchangeable stainless steel and Flexible driver shafts allow the surgeon to remove virtually all cancellous and corticle bone screws commonly used in today’s Orthopedic procedures. Among the most commonly used screw head configurations include the Flat, Cruciform, Pozi-drive, and Hex Head tip configurations.

Ideal applications for the system are insertion/extraction of bone screws used with plates and rods. The Maxi II Ratcheting Screwdriver Set™ encompasses virtually all the products necessary to eliminate costly time delays in the O.R.

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