Xtract-All® Mini – Additional Information

The Mini Ratcheting Screwdriver Set™ encompasses virtually all the products necessary to eliminate costly time delays in the O.R.

Optional Power Mini Driver available with charged sterile single-use batteries!

Xtract- All Mini Removes:

* Small Screws typically encountered in:

  • Hand
  • Foot
  • Craniofacial

Attachments include:

* 24 Tips: Osteotome, 3 Torx Drives, Phillips Drive, Clutch Drive, 4 Slotted Drives, 2 Slotted Drives, 3 Cruciform Drives, 3 Hex Drives, 4 Stripped Screw Extractors, 2 Broken Screw Extractors and a Ratcheting T-Handle.